ACCA Opening the Door to World Class Masters Degrees both from Home & Abroad

In case of undergraduate degrees, ACCA offers BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooks University but if you want to obtain a masters degree after ACCA, there are various options in prestigious institutions both at home and abroad. Your ACCA qualification will earn you exemptions which will save your time.

1. Department of Finance, University of Dhaka - Masters of Professional Finance (MPF)

This is the first ever masters level course on professional finance in Bangladesh. ACCA students are exempted from the 2 years work experience requirement for admission and ACCA members will be given 7 courses exemptions where the whole program is of 16 courses and a project paper. So, ACCA members interested to take this degree have to complete 9 courses in lieu of 16 and a project paper. The fees of the 7 courses exempted will also be waived. So, this will be a huge financial benefit for the ACCA members only.

2. University of London (UK) - MSc in Professional Accountancy

ACCA is the only professional accountancy body that gives you the opportunity to gain an MSc from the University of London, which is one of the most ancient and prestigious institution of the world and you can study the course from anywhere in the world. You can enter after completing SBL & SBR, or after becoming an affiliate or after becoming a member.

3. Macquaire University, Australia - Masters of International Accounting (MIA)

It is suitable for all age groups as the copy right materials developed specially in the context of Bangladesh, will be used in the interaction exercises to develop speaking and reading skills, are relevant to all age groups from all backgrounds in Bangladesh.

4. Schulich School of Business, Canada - MBA

ACCA members, and affiliates with an undergraduate degree will receive advanced standing toward earlier completion of a Schulich MBA or Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree under the agreement between ACCA and Schulich School of Business, which is one of the world’s most prestigious business schools with a very strong tradition of innovation and expertise, Schulich’s MBA Program is one of the most diverse and groundbreaking MBA programs in North America.

5. University of Dhaka - Masters of Professional Accounting (MPA)

This is a program consisting of 51 credit hours with 16 courses & a dissertation. To enter into this degree, normally you need to have a Bachelor Degree along with 2 years of professional experience but if you are a student or member of ACCA, this requirement of work experience is exempted for you.

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