Humans of ACCA- Story of Md. Sohel ACCA, Senior Manager, Finance, iccddr,b

Humans of ACCA- Story of Md. Sohel ACCA, Senior Manager, Finance, iccddr,b | EdBase Professionals
 29 April, 2019

''After completing my MBA from the University of Dhaka in 2005, I realized that I would need a professional qualification for striding strongly in the field of finance and accounting. I wanted to pursue a professional qualification which was flexible in terms of its mode of study and widely recognized worldwide for its high standard. At that time, I noticed that ACCA could be the standard qualification and I decided to start my journey with ACCA in June 2006 which was probably the best professional decision I have taken so far.

I went to London to complete my studies there. In fact, it had been a very nice journey in London and a great opportunity for me to get in touch with top class professionals and high-quality lecturers from around the world. The experience of being with people from multi-cultural background was a learning experience and enriched me in different aspects of my professional career. On the other hand, I had to struggle a lot to manage my expenses as tuition fees and living expenses were very high in London. I had to do part-time job during my full time classes and full-time job during the holidays. It was not an easy task to continue full-time study and job side by side. Despite those difficulties, my strong determination helped me overcome all the obstacles.

During my study, I realized that in addition to attending the class lectures, group study and discussion were very vital and helpful for proper understanding and preparation of various ACCA modules. Initially, I used to meet with my friends in various places in London for group study and discussion. As everyone was so busy with their job and study, it was very tough to find time for meeting and group discussion. Later on, I along with six of my friends decided to rent a house and live under the same roof. The move was a turning point which facilitated us to continue our studies in an effective manner. During that time, in addition to our self-study, we used to spend at least one hour every day to meet and discuss various technical issues related to ACCA. We also participated in a lot of mock tests before our exams. We used to assess each other’s scripts and give feedback. This coordinated approach of study assisted us to acquire an in-depth understanding of the subject matters and pass the exams by good grades.


After completing my ACCA in 2009, I had worked some time in the UK, then came back to Bangladesh and joined KPMG in a managerial role. Currently, I have been working as a Senior Manager in an international organisation. I would like to thank ACCA for enriching my career and also helping me grow for the future.''


Md. Sohel

Senior Manager, Finance


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