English is not just a language any more, it’s a must have skill for education or financial success in most cases. To survive and shine in this situation, being able to interact in English is imperative now. Basic Applied English and Interactions Training (BAEIT) is a course which is designed to help you gain basic skills used in daily lives.

This Course Will Help

  • To pursue higher studies in Business, Accounting, Commerce, Science in good institutions as most of the study texts are written and taught in English in higher levels.
  • To succeed in viva of any multinational and reputed local companies as in most of the MNCs/ Banks, English is the lingua Franca.
  • To go abroad for study or settlement.
  • To pass university admission tests.
  • Succeed in BCS Examination.

For those who want to warm them up for full IELTS course to be taken in future. To get an elementary decent grip over English, BAEIT is one of the easiest ways you can choose.

BAE IT' will also help you in your preparation for speaking and reading part of IELTS, it will be easier and cheaper for 'BAE IT' students to progress to our IELTS exam preparation course.

It is suitable for all age groups as the copy right materials developed specially in the context of Bangladesh, will be used in the interaction exercises to develop speaking and reading skills, are relevant to all age groups from all backgrounds in Bangladesh.

This Course Is Suitable For

  • Students of Bangla medium background needing to study text books written in English in higher studies.
  • Students willing be more confident to interaction in unknown environment.
  • Who want to develop public speaking skills.
  • Willing to face job interviews in MNCs/ Bank/ BCS.
  • Those who is not confident enough to start IELTS course due to poor skills in English.

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