Employment Potentiality Improvement Courses (EPIC)

ACCA being a professional qualification, work experience is an integral part of it. Merely passing papers does not necessarily enough to be recruited by employers which is needed to gain work experience. Based on the feedback taken from employers, we have designed hands on training programs for our students and made it mandatory for those who want recommendations and help with work placement. The unique Edbase Professional student development program is demonstrated below:

Employment Potentiality Improvement Courses (EPIC)
Modules Employment Potentiality Improvement Courses (EPIC) Edbase Professionals Certification
Applied Knowledge Accountant in Business Market Research Certificate on "Preparation of Business Plan"
Presentation skills
Management Accounting/ FMA Forecasting and budgeting
Breakeven analysis in excel
Financial Accounting/ FFA Preparatory excel for Auditors and Accountants Certificate on "Junior Business Consultant"
Financial Statements Analysis
Applied Skills Corporate and Business Law Company formation &  documentation
Basic Commercial - LC and Banking
Performance Management 1. Share market investment analysis (Basic)
2. Basics of Income Tax
3. Basics of VAT
4. Accounting software - Quickbooks
5. Accounting software - Xero
6. Accounting Software  for SMEs
7. Financial Modelling
8. Soft Skills - Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
9. Soft Skills - Communication & Negotiation
10. Soft Skills - CV Writing & Interview Techniques
Individual certification based on each training
Taxation (UK)
Financial Reporting
Audit and Assurance
Financial Management
Strategic Professionals Strategic Business Reporting
Strategic Business Leader
Advanced Financial Management
Advanced Performance Management
Advance Taxation (UK)
Advanced Audit and Assurance

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